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The Green Room is a paid Facebook group and website with over 500 members, many of which are leaders in a variety of businesses including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Kindle Publishing, Private Labeling, Craigslist hustling, and many other businesses. The group is a place for businessmen and women alike to communicate with like-minded professionals, and to continue their business education with daily updates, BOLOs, in-person meetups, weekly group live video meetings, and much more.

When I first learned of the Green Room from Stephen Raiken I signed up immediately and the first post I saw in the group was a BOLO that made me $150 profit through online arbitrage. A day later another BOLO was posted and I ended up with $600 profit from that one, also via online arbitrage. In the first few days the group had paid for itself for the entire year!

There are plenty of groups for Amazon and eBay sellers, but many are free or cheap, which opens the doors to spam, deception, and lots of useless posts. If your time has any value you will quickly realize the value in an exclusive group that does not have all the problems of the free/cheap groups. Paid groups eliminate the vast majority of the nonsense because spammers are not going to spend the money to join and problem people who are not serious about their businesses are not going to spend the money either.

With the changes that are constantly occurring in regards to selling on Amazon, eBay, and other sites it is good to have a community that can keep you up-to-date. The Green Room is also great for newbies to learn from very successful businesspeople. Where else can a newbie have an important sourcing or selling question and get it answered in minutes by a number of people with years of experience? That happens daily in the Green Room.

The various BOLOs that get posted in the Green Room group can help you recognize items that you might have overlooked and these BOLOs can dramatically improve your ROI.

Below are some of the benefits of the Green Room, of which I am a paid member:

– Monthly giveaways for the most helpful and interactive members
– The ultimate exclusive Facebook community!
– Free books and courses created just for you! (Many of these books sell for $47 or more and they are yours for free as a member!
– Private shows for Green Room members ONLY!
– In-person meet ups
– Member-only website with exclusive content such as FBA basics video course, and much more!

The current price is $30 a month or $200 a year, which is extremely cost-effective for all that is being offered.

Join the exclusive Green Room by clicking here.

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