Friday, February 22, 2019
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The Sports Challenge – Go From Loser To Success Today!


Many people spend hours a day watching, talking about, reading about, and otherwise being involved with the entertainment of sports. Think of the dramatic change one could experience in their lives if they were not spending this time each day on something like sports that has no actual benefit to their lives.

Amazon Sellers Leaving Amazon For Ebay Now? New Competition On Ebay?


With the recent restrictions of a number of brands on Amazon, many Amazon FBA sellers are saying they are leaving Amazon or dramatically limiting the products they sell there and they are going to eBay. Is this really going to happen and will this create too much new competition on eBay?

If You Are Hard On Yourself, Life Will Be Easy On You – Build Strength To Overcome And Succeed!


Too many people are easy on themselves and so when the slightest obstacle or stress from life comes their way they are overcome. They may end up depressed, sad, anxious, or in failure, but if they took the time to strengthen themselves they can be ready for life’s challenges and be stronger than any challenge that comes their way.

How You View People Will Bring More Of Those Types Of People Into Your Life – Whether Positive Or Negative


Whether you view people negatively or positively has a large impact on the qualities of the people you bring into your life. A simple change in your mindset can bring about better people and improve the people you are already around.

What Was Your First Business? Do Most Entrepreneurs Start Businesses As Children?


I describe my first business that I can remember and ask you to comment and describe your first business and how it went.