Safety First – Stop Using Standard Razor Utility Cutters


I was resizing a box this week, which involves using a box resizer to perforate the sides and then cut the corners so the box sides can fold down, thus making a larger box smaller and saving packing materials. During the cutting of the sides, the razor utility cutter fell apart and almost cut me. It was then I decided I needed a safer method to do this. The last thing I want is an employee to get hurt resizing a box.

The utility knife I was using was not a cheap one either. It was a commercial-grade product, but even commercial-grade products can fail. There are cardboard scissors that can cut, but I wanted to replace a currently more dangerous item with something with safety features. Scissors do not really fit that requirement.

What I found that was the best and the least expensive solution was electronic scissors that have a blade blocker that ensures accidentally cutting yourself would not be possible. It also is efficient and will alleviate my concern about team members potentially getting hurt when a razor malfunctions.

There are a number of expensive models, but the first one I tried worked very well and has no problem cutting through cardboard. It also makes the cuts to the box look nice and more professionally done. I highly recommend the WORX ZipSnip Cutting Tool if you are concerned with safety (which you should be if you are hiring anyone to help you, and a razor in use is just asking for a needless injury).

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