Amazing Affirmations For Rapid Weight Loss From My Audiobook 200 Rapid Weight Loss Affirmations!


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Affirmations in this video are number 122 through 151 from the book 200 Rapid Weight Loss Affirmations (available in book, ebook, and audiobook):

  1. It is easy for me to stay in shape.
  2. I take action on ideas to improve my health.
  3. I have a positive self-image.
  4. My body’s just weight is the Lord’s delight.
  5. I have a positive attitude about my body.
  6. My body is a healthy expression of me.
  7. My body is the temple of God.
  8. I am the best version of myself.
  9. I listen to my healthy body.
  10. My body is fit, trim, and toned.
  11. I love being physically fit.
  12. I am perfect at any weight, but I choose to be toned.
  13. I love myself more and more each day.
  14. I am healthy and blessed.
  15. Every day I am getting slimmer and slimmer.
  16. I have the perfect mindset to maintain my weight loss permanently.
  17. I deserve to lose weight effortlessly.
  18. I am easily and effortlessly losing weight.
  19. Weight loss comes easily to me.
  20. Excess weight melts off me.
  21. I lose weight with ease.
  22. I am losing weight.
  23. I have a trim waist.
  24. I operate at a positive, healthy, and high vibration.
  25. I easily maintain my weight loss.
  26. Weight loss is a breeze for me.
  27. I have adopted new patterns of eating that aid me in good health.
  28. My doctor is amazed every time they see me because I have made so much progress.
  29. I am an overcomer.
  30. I have the victory over excess weight.

Music Credit:

“Opulence” Ryan Hicks
Conscious Positivity: Volume 2


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