Car Falls 7 Stories (70 Feet) From Parking Garage With Woman Inside! How To Help In An Emergency Situation!


The great news is that the woman in the BMW that fell seven stories from the parking garage in Austin, Texas, is making a full recovery!

From The Red Cross FA/CPR/AED Manual:

“Moving an Injured or Ill Person

One of the most dangerous threats to a seriously injured or ill person is unnecessary movement. Moving an injured person can cause additional injury and pain and may complicate his or her recovery. Generally, you should not move an injured or ill person while giving care. However, it would be appropriate in the following three situations:

1. When you are faced with immediate danger, such as fire, lack of oxygen, risk of explosion or a collapsing structure.

2. When you have to get to another person who may have a more serious problem. In this case, you may have to move a person with minor injuries to reach someone needing immediate care.

3. When it is necessary to give proper care. For example, if someone needed CPR, he or she might have to be moved from a bed because CPR needs to be performed on a firm, flat surface. If the surface or space is not adequate to give care, the person should be moved.”

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Video Clip Credits: Austin Police Department and NBC News. Used under Fair Use (Section 107 of the Copyright Act).


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