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Many have resigned themselves to being self-described losers. They never seem to win at life, and they feel every action they take will end in failure and loss. While successful people will have losses and failures, they never allow...
Many people struggle with happiness. Sometimes they find happiness in things, but that happiness is fleeting and disappears soon thereafter. Happiness is easy to have all the time, but it is a choice you must make. Music Credit: "Relaxing Piano...
Many think that small things do not really matter. If they promise to do something they view actually doing it as being optional. Some say that it does not really matter because it is a minor thing, but when...
Many will not even read books that may have some minor things they disagree with. They are robbing themselves of many skills including discernment and the knowledge they could have gained from knowing an opposing point of view.
Many live lives with a few positive goals and many negative goals. These negative goals need to be gotten rid of once and for all. Music Credit: "Relaxing Piano Music" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License