Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Lack Of Self-Improvement Can Lead To A Regression To The Mean Or Worse!


While putting 100% effort toward a worthy goal is ideal, if such effort is not built upon your own progression in knowledge and self-improvement then it can lead to eventual stalling and failure. Often people start out giving 100%, but because they are not improving as a person they cannot maintain and come back to average or even worse than when they started!

Waiting For Other People To Motivate You Will Never Bring Lasting Results!


You have to take action on what you know to do today and not wait for other people to motivate you. Consistent action and progress towards your goals will bring natural motivation from within and propel you forward!

Amazon Seller App Basic Tips For Use – Amazon FBA Fulfillment By Amazon And Merchant Fulfillment


Sometimes when people are new to selling on Amazon it can be overwhelming. This is a quick video to explain a few things about the Amazon Seller App that can help a new seller, or someone new to the Seller App.

MLM, Network Marketing, Business Opportunity, And Work At Home Scams – What To Look Out For And Avoid!


There seem to be new supposed business opportunities springing up each day. Many people do not know what to look for and what to avoid. Learn how to skip the scams and a simple tip for starting your own successful business.

You Are Supposed To Be Living Life, Not Wasting Time Or Killing Time!


Have you ever said that you are wasting time or killing time? Is your life lived to only get to time you do not have to work and then waste it? Do you value life if you spend time on time-wasting activities?