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Safety First – Stop Using Standard Razor Utility Cutters

WORX WX081L ZipSnip Cutting Tool

I was resizing a box this week, which involves using a box resizer to perforate the sides and then cut the corners so the box sides can fold down, thus making a larger box smaller and saving packing materials. During the cutting of the sides, the razor utility cutter fell apart and almost cut me. It was then I decided I needed a safer method to do this. The last thing I want is an employee to get hurt resizing a box.

The utility knife I was using was not a cheap one either. It was a commercial-grade product, but even commercial-grade products can fail. There are cardboard scissors that can cut, but I wanted to replace a currently more dangerous item with something with safety features. Scissors do not really fit that requirement.

What I found that was the best and the least expensive solution was electronic scissors that have a blade blocker that ensures accidentally cutting yourself would not be possible. It also is efficient and will alleviate my concern about team members potentially getting hurt when a razor malfunctions.

There are a number of expensive models, but the first one I tried worked very well and has no problem cutting through cardboard. It also makes the cuts to the box look nice and more professionally done. I highly recommend the WORX ZipSnip Cutting Tool if you are concerned with safety (which you should be if you are hiring anyone to help you, and a razor in use is just asking for a needless injury).

Why I Love The Best Offer Feature On Ebay

Ebay Best Offer - TaughtToProfit

It seems that a few times a month someone on eBay uses the Best Offer feature in a unique way on our listings. They will offer MORE than the Buy It Now price. Yes, you read that right, they are making an offer for a higher price than we are selling the item for!

We don’t want them to be dissatisfied, so we gladly accept their offer to make a little extra profit. It is one of the benefits of using the Best Offer feature for your eBay listings. You may wonder why we did not just make a counteroffer to the buyer for the price we were originally asking? Amazingly we have done this before when someone offered more than the selling price and the buyer got angry that we did not accept their higher-priced offer! The only thing I can guess is that they either realize they offered too much, become embarrassed, and then take it out on the seller, or perhaps they take offense to their bartering being rejected. I do not pretend to understand what some buyers are thinking, and our new policy is to just accept fair best offers and move on.

Ebay’s Best Offer feature also has the side benefit of letting you test the market for an item. If you keep getting offers for around the same amount then you may be priced too high and the common offer price may be a more suitable price to sell at.

Sony, Nikon, and Microsoft Products Now Require Approval On Amazon?

Sony And Nikon Restricted Gated On Amazon

The big news of the day today in the reseller community was that Amazon has now restricted sellers from selling Sony, Nikon, and Microsoft products without invoices proving the purchase of large quantities or authorization from Sony, Nikon, and/or Microsoft to be an authorized reseller. This does not seem to cover all products as some very old Sony products like PlayStation 1 games, for example, seem to still allow third-party merchants to sell them.

The news has had many people panicking and talking about how they are going to lose most of their business and other doomsday scenarios. In any trial, we should look for the opportunity. Instead of giving up, cursing Amazon, or whining about how “unfair” this change is, we should have already prepared for any such problems and have backup plans in place.

The most obvious backup plan in such a situation is eBay. Instead of spending time complaining about the new rule, take the time to list your Sony, Nikon, or Microsoft products on eBay. Many people have become so spoiled to the ease of listing and selling through Amazon’s FBA service that they completely overlook the eager buyers on eBay. This restriction on Amazon opens up great opportunities for wise sellers to both sell their items on eBay for a better profit AND to be able to find good deals on Sony, Nikon, and Microsoft products that panicky Amazon sellers are flooding onto eBay with little regard for creating a good title and well-worded listing.

In times of trouble the successful person just finds more success. Do not let unsuccessful and negative people drag you down into their failure. Find the opportunity this situation opens to you and move on it immediately! You will be the one doing even better next month while other sellers are still complaining about the change on Amazon or are quitting altogether.

Make Sure To Have Suffocation Warning On All Poly Bags

Suffocation Warning Required For Amazon
Suffocation Warning Required For Amazon - *Not Cats Were Hurt In The Making Of This Picture

According to

“Several states, including California, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, and
Virginia, have laws that require suffocation warning labels for plastic bags. In addition, two
major cities, Chicago, IL and New York, NY have adopted ordinances requiring similar warning
labels for plastic bags. At least a dozen other smaller cities or towns have similar laws requiring
suffocation warning labels for plastic bags.1 Canada has also implemented comparable warning


More and more cities and states are requiring this suffocation warning be on all bags and it will likely eventually become another federal regulation. Due to this, Amazon requires all bags with an opening of 5 inches or more to have a suffocation warning on the bag. This can be either by a suffocation warning label or by having it pre-printed on the poly bag. Here are the exact requirements Amazon has for the suffocation warning that must be on the poly bags:

Poly bags used to protect Units must meet the following requirements:

  • Poly bags with a 5″ opening or larger (measured when flat) are required to have a suffocation warning, either printed on the bag itself, or attached as a label.
    • For example: “WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from babies and children. Do not use this bag in cribs, beds, carriages or play pens. This bag is not a toy.”
    • The warning should be printed or placed in a prominent location and in a legible font size for the size of the bag.
    • Print size of this warning should conform to the following table:
      Total Length plus Width of Bag Minimum Print Size
      60 inches or more 24 point
      40 to 59 inches 18 point
      30 to 39 inches 14 point
      less than 29 inches 10 point


If you do not abide by these rules you could have problems selling on Amazon, including account suspension. If you received a customer complaint for not having a suffocation warning notice on the bag you could face the termination of your selling privileges. This is a simple rule to follow and there is no excuse to not follow it. The suffocation warning labels are not even a penny a label, so it is not even a burden financially to put the warning on any bag you use.

Beyond Amazon, I would suggest all eBay sellers put suffocation warning labels or use poly bags that have the warning pre-printed on them to avoid potential issues in the future. It is extremely inexpensive to do so, and makes sense to stay ahead of the rules and always ensure the best customer experience, regardless of the marketplace you are selling on.

*Sunny The Cat was not harmed in the making of this article’s featured image. 🙂

Amazon FBA – Remove Meltables By May 1st Or Lose Them

Amazon FBA Meltables Warning -

Amazon sent the following email today to sellers.


Hello from Fulfillment by Amazon.

As a reminder, meltable inventory such as chocolates must be removed from Amazon fulfillment centers by May 1, 2016. If you haven’t done so already, you can create a removal order to have your unsold meltable inventory returned to you or disposed of.

You will not be charged a return or disposal fee for removal orders placed between now and April 30, 2016, as part of our Free Removals Promotion. For more information on the promotion, refer to:

To create a removal order, please visit:

For more information regarding FBA temperature-sensitive products, please visit:

Thank you for selling on Amazon.

The Fulfillment by Amazon Team