Monday, October 18, 2021
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Dealing With Legitimate Overwhelm When You Are Positive And Success-Minded!

There is a lot of talk about people being overwhelmed with life today. Much of it is just excuse-making from underperforming people, but there...

Understanding Vibration And The Importance Of Raising Your Vibration!

Understanding vibrational states from the Scripture and how we are repeatedly exhorted to raise our vibration can be very important in having a blessed...

The Subconscious Mind Does Not Know The Difference Between Negative And...

Many do not understand that negative affirmations like, "I am not sick," or, "I am debt free," attract more of the unwanted thing into...

You Do Not Have To Be Negative To Be Honest!

There are times people will try to convince you that being negative is just "being honest" and that you cannot be honest without speaking...

Cast Off The Lot Book Mentality And The Belief That Whatever...

Cast Off The Lot Book Mentality And The Belief That Whatever Happens Was Meant To Be!
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