The Most Common Business Opportunity Scam


Today there are literally hundreds of business opportunities. Some are good, most are junk. The most common scam today is not something that is a total scam, it is just a business that is useless today. It may have been viable years ago, but the time for success in that business has long since faded away. This is when all the scammers start promoting these businesses.

If you have bought any business plan or opportunity over the years you probably notice that at the same time these people all start promoting the same “business opportunity.” This is when a course or book is being launched or relaunched and is aggressively paying higher commissions to these promoters. This is the first and only sign you need to FLEE from this “business opportunity.” When people that do not even operate in that field are promoting business courses and books based on it then you know it is a scam.

Why would a million dollar book seller be selling their Amazon FBA business secrets? Because there is more money to be made in the sale of the business idea than in operating the dying business itself. Why is a stock picking “superstar” selling training and picks for stocks? Because they do not make the money they claim and there is more money to be made in selling the information on how to do it than in actually trying to do it yourself. Why would a multi-million dollar seller being promoting a course they made on getting wholesale inventory and reselling it on Amazon and eBay if they are really successful? You know the answer.

People are not selling business opportunities for you to copy their businesses unless the business is no longer viable or NEVER was viable (most often the case). If the business they offer is still viable then why would they not just hire more people to scale up their own business? Why would they create more competition for themselves? My friends, flee from these scams. No successful business person is selling their viable business model in courses or books. It just is not happening.

You want a free and successful business model? One that will make you more than all these thousands of courses and eBooks combined? How about a business model that has been around for millennia? It is very simple, buy items in one market for a lower price than you can resell them for in another market. Buy low, sell higher. People centuries ago would purchase tea or lumber or spices from one country and then resell it in another country for a premium. Arbitrage is one of the oldest business models that will never cease to be successful. You do not need a course or eBook to figure that out and become successful from it. This little paragraph has more value in it than 99% of the “business opportunity” courses and eBooks out there today, and it cost you nothing.


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