Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Amazon Restricts Nike, Lego, And Other Brands – Sellers Must Adapt Or Fail – Selling On Amazon For Success


With changes Amazon made a few days ago, many people have found large amounts of their inventory unsellable on Amazon without a high fee and/or getting approval from the manufacturer to sell their products. Some sellers are giving up. The truth is that this is a time to make more money, not a time to give up in the face of challenges.

*My offer that I made in the video to buy your business still stands. If you do not want to deal with Amazon anymore and have inventory that you need to get rid of, please contact me.

Questions Answered #1 – What Business Should I Start?


Many are looking for the perfect business, the perfect business plan, the perfect idea, and for everything to be perfect before they will take action. This is a major cause of lack of success in business.

Other People’s Wealth and Needless Drama – Here In My Garage, With My Lamborghini


Too many people are focused on other people and trying to tear them down to make themselves feel better about their own mediocrity. Success is not found in endless critiques and arguments about other people and their wealth (or lack thereof). Rise above this foolish thinking and find the success that awaits you from your diligent work.

Key To Success – Do The Things That Losers Will Not Do


The most basic thing one should realize if they want the results of the successful is that following the habits and behavior of losers and failures will not bring you to success. The people you are most closely aligned with are what you can expect to be yourself.

The Law Of Attraction – The Blame And Shame Game


For too many people sowing and reaping is understood as a way of blaming themselves and others for every negative thing that happens in their lives. This is not what it means to reap what we sow, and the common “Law of Attraction” mythology that every negative thing in one’s life is a direct result of their “negative vibrations” is just not true, and is oftentimes nothing more than blaming and shaming the victim.