Tuesday, December 1, 2020


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The world teaches near infinite consumption. Production is only encouraged in the confines of working for someone else (who is producing). Consumerism is running rampant and has infected most people as they see entertainment and more "things"...
Often the reason for unanswered prayer and lack of success is very plain, but religion has clouded the minds of many people with doubts about God's willingness to bless and speak to them. Learn in this video...
One of the most basic definitions of entrepreneurship is: "Entrepreneurship is the creation or extraction of value." This definition is important in understanding just how valuable entrepreneurship is to the world. Turning water into wine is something...
Part of being a loving and compassionate human being is to be loving and compassionate towards yourself. Learn why kind and edifying words and thoughts are the best approach to how you deal with yourself.
Learn why you should take action immediately when you know to do something, and not procrastinate or say you need advice. Often this is just an excuse to procrastinate and not take action where needed.