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For many, failure has become a pattern in their lives. Any successes they might have are immediately enveloped in failure. This can be overcome if the problem is recognized and the proper action is taken to resolve it.
So many people have plenty of ideas, but they do not take action on any of them! Having the greatest idea in the world is worthless if it is not acted on.
Many wonder why they do not get things they desire, but often they never ask God for them, or if they do, they do not believe they are going to receive them.
Many people spend hours a day watching, talking about, reading about, and otherwise being involved with the entertainment of sports. Think of the dramatic change one could experience in their lives if they were not spending this time each...
Too many people are easy on themselves and so when the slightest obstacle or stress from life comes their way they are overcome. They may end up depressed, sad, anxious, or in failure, but if they took the time...