Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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How You View People Will Bring More Of Those Types Of People Into Your Life – Whether Positive Or Negative


Whether you view people negatively or positively has a large impact on the qualities of the people you bring into your life. A simple change in your mindset can bring about better people and improve the people you are already around.

What Was Your First Business? Do Most Entrepreneurs Start Businesses As Children?


I describe my first business that I can remember and ask you to comment and describe your first business and how it went.

Thinking You Know Enough Is A Major Cause Of Failure, Suffering, And Poverty


Thinking that you know enough and do not need to increase your knowledge is a major cause of failure, suffering, and poverty. It keeps people limited and unable to make the changes needed to become successful. It keeps people poor because they never learn the things that would cause them to make the changes needed to get out of poverty.

Lack Of Self-Improvement Can Lead To A Regression To The Mean Or Worse!


While putting 100% effort toward a worthy goal is ideal, if such effort is not built upon your own progression in knowledge and self-improvement then it can lead to eventual stalling and failure. Often people start out giving 100%, but because they are not improving as a person they cannot maintain and come back to average or even worse than when they started!

Waiting For Other People To Motivate You Will Never Bring Lasting Results!


You have to take action on what you know to do today and not wait for other people to motivate you. Consistent action and progress towards your goals will bring natural motivation from within and propel you forward!