Do Not Let Other People Discourage You Because You Are On The Path Of Success!


Many people will try to discourage you from becoming more successful. They are generally well-meaning, but have fell for the lie of the devil that a Christian should be a loser and the best they can hope for is being mediocre. You must be on guard from the attacks of people who live for entertainment. They will babble about work-life balance. They will call you foolish names like workaholic. They will constantly discourage you from being more than average. You must not give in and must understand that these people are deceived and are generally not malicious in their endeavors. They have just chosen to believe a lie and are trying to help get you back on the path of mediocrity that they are on. You are on the righteous path that leads from success to success, and you cannot get bogged down with the mediocrity and failure of the world!

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