The Bible Shows You How To Raise Your Vibration!


The Scripture uses plain human language to describe vibrational states. Words such as angry, happy, joyful, sad, depressed, upbeat, etc. are words that describe positive and negative vibrational states. The state you operate in determines the kind of life that you experience, because you are a co-creator with God and bring about your experiences by God’s secret law of attraction. Often scoffers see Scripture encouraging one to praise the Lord and make a joyful noise unto the Lord, and they believe this is somehow proof of our God needing praise. The reality is that this is for our benefit. Praising the Lord raises your vibration and gets your focus off of self and circumstances. Instead, it puts your focus on the sustainer and giver of all good things, the Lord. This, in turn, brings about a better life and flows more of the bountiful blessing of God into your life!

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