The Rich Switch By David Hooper (Full Audiobook)


The Rich Switch By David Hooper (Full Audiobook)

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From Book Description: “‘How Rich Do You Want to Be?’ You’re about to learn the money manifesting secrets most people will never know. It has nothing to do with the stock market, real estate, or investing. Getting rich is easy! In fact, it’s so simple, anybody can do it! Let me show you the process rich people have known for hundreds of years… You’ll learn how to attain massive wealth with just three easy-to-follow steps. In this book, you’ll learn: – The single biggest reason most people are broke (and stay that way)… and how you can make sure you aren’t one of these people! – A way rich people spend money…which actually increases wealth! – The true secret to unlimited wealth! (99% of people are absolutely floored by this secret… because… they didn’t have the slightest clue.) – A way to handle “pocket change” which may very likely double your income this year! (This “trick” only takes 3 seconds per day!) – Four powerful “target words” which you can add to the end of any wish or prayer, that guarantee you’ll receive the absolute best results! – How you can turn your financial life around in just 60 seconds! (It’s so simple, you’ll kick yourself for not having thought of it.) – Why rich people always attract money… even in a “bad” economy! (And how you can too!) Get rich, one step at a time… This book has been organized into an easy-to-follow, 3-step system. Simply follow the process, sit back, and let the system do its work. That’s it!”

DISCLAIMER: This audio book is posted for your education and benefit. I do not necessarily agree with every aspect of it, but I believe that you can intelligently exercise your discernment to “separate the wheat from the chaff” in regards to what is accurate and inaccurate in this book. I hope that it is a blessing.

-Ryan Hicks,


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