8 HOURS! POWERFUL WEALTH, PROSPERITY, AND ABUNDANCE Affirmations Listen While You SLEEP! Program Your Mind For WEALTH & PROSPERITY!!! Play Each Night!


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Music Credit:

Conscious Positivity: Volume 1

Affirmations in the video:

  1. I am successful in every way.
  2. I think wealthy thoughts.
  3. My life is joyful and filled with abundance.
  4. I am financially stable and secure.
  5. Prodigious wealth is flowing to me right now.
  6. I spend my days in prosperity, and my years in pleasure.
  7. The Lord has pleasure in my prosperity.
  8. The more money I acquire, the more money I have to give.
  9. My prosperity inspires others to prosper.
  10. My wealth comes freely to me from an infinite supply of wealth.
  11. I can easily handle enormous wealth.
  12. Every day is a prosperous day for me!
  13. My life is full of everything I need or want.
  14. Prosperity is constantly drawn to me.
  15. I am a natural innovator.
  16. There are no limits to the amount of money I can acquire.
  17. My intuitive innovations bring me great success and prosperity.
  18. I know that the world is prosperous and my prosperity makes the world a better place.
  19. My life is in harmony with wealth, abundance, and riches.
  20. I am always abundantly supplied with whatever I need.
  21. God graciously gives me the power to get wealth.
  22. I am abundantly affluent!
  23. It takes me less effort to be rich than to be poor.
  24. Massive abundance is mine now!
  25. Rivers of money flow to me now!
  26. I am richly rewarded for all the work that I do.
  27. I am receiving more money each day.
  28. I enjoy a Divine abundance of money.
  29. Every day and in every way my abundance is increasing!
  30. I will always be prosperous.
  31. I work because I enjoy it, not because I have to work to earn money.
  32. Money is positive energy and I enjoy a steady, massive flow of it into my life.
  33. Each day I am becoming wealthier.
  34. I deserve to live in the lap of luxury.
  35. I am receptive to all the abundance in the Universe!
  36. Prosperity is attracted to me.
  37. I always receive great sums of money.
  38. All my needs are met.
  39. Unexpected income freely flows to me.
  40. God makes all that I do prosper in my hand.
  41. I have a massive and increasing cash flow.
  42. Everyone and everything conspires together to make me prosperous and abundant.
  43. Wealth and riches are in my house.
  44. The more I give, the more my wealth expands.
  45. I awake each morning without a financial care in the world.
  46. I am always productive.
  47. I tap into the infinite wealth of God.
  48. I am dignified and well-respected.
  49. I know there is plenty in the Universe for everyone!
  50. I have so much abundance that I could lay up gold as dust.
  51. Everything good is coming to me easily.
  52. More money is flowing to me right now.
  53. The seeds of massive wealth are inside me.
  54. I attract money to me everywhere I go.
  55. I am always successful because I know what I want and take the proper action to get it.


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