Amazon Negative Feedback Removal With Ease


One of the unmentioned benefits of selling via Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon service is that the natural negative feedback that can be received when you did everything right can be removed easily.

In any business where you ship to customers there are times the product can get damaged, regardless of how well you pack. If you are merchant fulfilling the product then you are responsible for that and any negative feedback received because of it is unlikely to be removed.

This is where a great benefit of FBA shines through. Take that same item, same damage in transit, same unhappy customer, and same negative feedback, but this time it was fulfilled by Amazon? You submit a request to Amazon for removal of the negative and it is generally removed instantly. Sometimes it is struck out with a notice saying Amazon takes responsibility for this because they fulfilled it (the negative shows with the text with a line through it, but it no longer counts against you. This would also work for any neutral feedback as well.

Amazon FBA Negative Feedback Removal
Amazon FBA Negative Feedback Removal

Amazon also removes feedback that is related to shipping or the item not arriving on time, if it was FBA. For merchant fulfillment and Amazon fulfillment both, if the customer leaves a feedback related to a review of the item and not related to your service as a seller, they will likely remove that as well.

To request for Amazon to remove feedback navigate to the “Help” section of Amazon Seller Central (make sure you are logged in). Locate the link to “Contact Seller Support.” From there click on “Orders” and then “Customer Feedback Problems.” Fill out the required information and hopefully your problematic feedback will be removed.

This is not some universal instant negative feedback removal just because your item is FBA. If the item is inaccurately described or there is some other problem then the negative could be upheld, so do not get overly optimistic in grading the condition of an item. You should do everything you can to provide the best customer experience. Do what is right for your customers and you will rarely have to deal with negative feedback anyway, but in the rare case that you do, you can rest assured that Amazon is fair and wants both seller and buyer to be satisfied.

Also worth mentioning is Feedback Genius which will help you dramatically increase the amount of feedback you receive on Amazon and it will immediately alert you when there are any negative feedbacks left for you.



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