Time Management – Periscope Videos


For entrepreneurs there is a flood of information daily coming through all forms of media. Periscope being one form that “feels” more time sensitive due to the live nature of the broadcasts.

While there are some really great and useful content-producing people on Periscope, there are also many that are wasting your time. How many times can you hear people begging for hearts or telling people to invite their friends for 5 to 10 minutes? How valuable is seeing the contents of a sourcing haul if none of these items are able to be sourced easily in your location (i.e. most thrift store and garage sale hauls)? How valuable is a generic pep talk about business when you could be spending that time actually running your business? How valuable is people bragging about sales figures in order to convince you to purchase their latest coaching course or eBook?

I understand that the nature of a lot of home businesses is that we tend to not have a lot of outside human interaction (besides UPS, USPS, and FedEx drivers), but just socializing on media like Periscope about business can make you incorrectly feel like you are “doing business.” It can also take up a lot of valuable time that you could be using on more productive things.

We need to constantly be evaluating our time usage and cutting out things that are wasteful. Of all the resources you have available to you, your time is the only one that you cannot gain more of. Use your time wisely and cut out these distractions.



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