My New Youtube Channel ChristianVeganism – New Channel To Deal Exclusively With Veganism From A Christian Perspective


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I have a new Youtube channel that will deal exclusively with veganism from a Christian perspective and will discuss my book “Why Every Christian Should Be A Vegan.” The TaughtToProfit website and Youtube channel will continue to deal with business, success, and prosperity for believers. It will sometimes touch on veganism for the Christian, because I want you to profit in all areas, including health and consciousness. Make sure to subscribe to the new channel at:

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  1. Where is the explanation in your book about why every vegan should be a christian? I was hoping to use this as a tool to witness to a non-believing vegan friend. Did I miss something? Feel like I only got half the story. I actually learned a lot from your book and am seriously considering becoming a vegan, however, I feel like my friends salvation is of much more value than what I choose to eat.

    • The whole book works towards that end for the vegan reader who is not a Christian. It shows them that Christianity is not a meat-eating religion that lacks compassion. It shows that a knowledge of Christ leads one to compassion towards all sentient beings. In my experience many vegans are not Christians because they think that it is a religion that is merciless towards animals. When the logical revelation that God loves His creation, including His animals, becomes clear then the Lord Jesus is not someone to be eschewed in their minds. Perhaps I can add a portion to clarify these points and add a little more to the book. If you have any suggestions then I would happily consider them. Have a blessed day.


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