Sony, Nikon, and Microsoft Products Now Require Approval On Amazon?


The big news of the day today in the reseller community was that Amazon has now restricted sellers from selling Sony, Nikon, and Microsoft products without invoices proving the purchase of large quantities or authorization from Sony, Nikon, and/or Microsoft to be an authorized reseller. This does not seem to cover all products as some very old Sony products like PlayStation 1 games, for example, seem to still allow third-party merchants to sell them.

The news has had many people panicking and talking about how they are going to lose most of their business and other doomsday scenarios. In any trial, we should look for the opportunity. Instead of giving up, cursing Amazon, or whining about how “unfair” this change is, we should have already prepared for any such problems and have backup plans in place.

The most obvious backup plan in such a situation is eBay. Instead of spending time complaining about the new rule, take the time to list your Sony, Nikon, or Microsoft products on eBay. Many people have become so spoiled to the ease of listing and selling through Amazon’s FBA service that they completely overlook the eager buyers on eBay. This restriction on Amazon opens up great opportunities for wise sellers to both sell their items on eBay for a better profit AND to be able to find good deals on Sony, Nikon, and Microsoft products that panicky Amazon sellers are flooding onto eBay with little regard for creating a good title and well-worded listing.

In times of trouble the successful person just finds more success. Do not let unsuccessful and negative people drag you down into their failure. Find the opportunity this situation opens to you and move on it immediately! You will be the one doing even better next month while other sellers are still complaining about the change on Amazon or are quitting altogether.


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