Raise – An Important Profit Tool For Resellers


Raise is a gift card site with a well-designed app for gift cards. If you are sourcing via Retail Arbitrage or Online Arbitrage then you need to be using Raise. You can find gift cards that are up to 85% off the gift card value. This means you could get a $200 gift card for $30, and these gift cards spend exactly like cash or credit. What this also means to you is instant profits. It also puts you at a huge advantage over your competition who may be paying a higher amount for the same product. It can also turn a decent deal with not a large enough ROI to a great deal that can increase your sales with a fast moving item at a steep discount due to the gift card savings.

Basically, with Raise you can search from hundreds of retailers for gift cards that are being sold at a discounted rate. If you are already spending $300 at your local retailer then why not save an additional 15% by buying a gift card with $300 in value for $255? This is the equivalent of an immediate $45 profit due to the savings, and this is savings on products you were going to purchase anyway. There are no additional fees or surcharges for using Raise, so your savings are not going to be diminished by hidden fees.

If you do Online Arbitrage then using Raise coupled with Ebates can save you a large amount of money on the inventory purchases you are already making. This is easy money that you are throwing away if you are not using these free services.

I use Raise regularly, but I only purchase electronic gift cards because I do not like having funds tied up in gift cards that I might not be using immediately. While doing Retail Arbitrage I have purchased electronic gift cards from Raise while in the store scanning items. Once I have an idea of about how much I will be spending on the items I am buying, I login to the Raise app, buy a gift card for that retailer with roughly the amount I will be spending in value, and then show the cashier at checkout my electronic gift card information. It takes about a minute and saves quite a large amount of money over time. For example, if you were saving 15% each purchase by using an electronic gift card this would be the equivalent of getting every 7th purchase for FREE (presuming you purchase the same total amount each time). This gives you a massive competitive advantage and propels your profit further.

Sign up for Raise today and use the coupon code RAISE75AF to save an additional $5 off your gift card purchase of $75 or more.

Raise Discount Gift Cards


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