Reseller Friday #26 – Do Resellers Really Make As Much Money As They Claim? TechNSports Sales Examined!


Many people will waste their time criticizing and trying to disprove people’s success, when the wise thing to do is to focus on their own businesses. I recently had someone posting foolish comments against a successful reseller that goes by the name TechNSports. I explain in this video how in years past I examined his actual sales on eBay and how it confirmed the numbers he has given for his sales. More importantly, I explain how fruitless an endeavor it is to be trying to tear other people down when your own business is in shambles. Successful people do not waste their time trying to destroy other successful people, rather they are too busy in productive endeavors to lower themselves to act like those with a poverty mentality who try to harm those more successful than them (which is everyone else).

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