Vegans Have Weak Faith? Chapter 32 Of My Book Why Every Christian Should Be A Vegan!


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One of the most perverted and wrested passages of Scripture is found in Romans 14:1-3. It has been used as a proof-text to enact immense cruelty and violence in the world by professing Christians. In this brief chapter of my book “Why Every Christian Should Be A Vegan” you will understand this passage in context and more clearly see that you are called to be a vegan. Veganism is not a fad diet, or a diet at all, rather it is the name for the pure heart that seeks to live a life free of violence, bloodshed, and cruelty. Let it be fully understood that the most powerful and victorious life one can have is accompanied by a vegan lifestyle of love, compassion, and mercy for all sentient beings. If you are not experiencing the peace, love, riches, wealth, success, and prosperity that you should expect to receive as a Christian, then please make sure that you are not being a riotous eater of flesh and partaking of foods and products sourced from animals (meat, eggs, dairy, cheese, leather, wool, silk, etc.). These types of things are the product of violence and naturally lower your vibration, open you up to all manner of illness, and push you further away from success, happiness, and love.

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