Why I Love The Best Offer Feature On Ebay


It seems that a few times a month someone on eBay uses the Best Offer feature in a unique way on our listings. They will offer MORE than the Buy It Now price. Yes, you read that right, they are making an offer for a higher price than we are selling the item for!

We don’t want them to be dissatisfied, so we gladly accept their offer to make a little extra profit. It is one of the benefits of using the Best Offer feature for your eBay listings. You may wonder why we did not just make a counteroffer to the buyer for the price we were originally asking? Amazingly we have done this before when someone offered more than the selling price and the buyer got angry that we did not accept their higher-priced offer! The only thing I can guess is that they either realize they offered too much, become embarrassed, and then take it out on the seller, or perhaps they take offense to their bartering being rejected. I do not pretend to understand what some buyers are thinking, and our new policy is to just accept fair best offers and move on.

Ebay’s Best Offer feature also has the side benefit of letting you test the market for an item. If you keep getting offers for around the same amount then you may be priced too high and the common offer price may be a more suitable price to sell at.


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