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The Sports Challenge – Go From Loser To Success Today!

Many people spend hours a day watching, talking about, reading about, and otherwise being involved with the entertainment of sports. Think of the dramatic...

You Are Supposed To Be Living Life, Not Wasting Time Or...

Have you ever said that you are wasting time or killing time? Is your life lived to only get to time you do not...

Motivational Quote – Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson's Law -
"Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion" -Parkinson's Law, from Parkinson's Law, and Other Studies in Administration Essentially this "law" is...

Useful Apps – Toggl – The Simplest Time Tracker

Toggl The Simplest Time Tracker -
Toggl is a free app that keeps track of your time. You click the "Play" buttom in the app, add what work you are...

Time Management – Aqua Notes Review

Aqua Notes Review -
We have all had moments in the shower where we have a great idea, and by the time we get out of the shower...