Shipping Essentials – Scotty Peeler Label & Sticker Removers


If you do any retail arbitrage you will inevitably have to remove store labels, price tags, clearance stickers, etc. A cheap tool set for this job is the Scotty Peeler Label & Sticker Removers.

In my use of these sticker and label removers the red plastic one works the best for most situations I come across. The metal one works well, but it is metal and could scratch the surface under the sticker or label. Thankfully, this is a complete set that covers the removal of almost any stickers or labels you will have to remove. Just be patient when removing stickers from paper/cardboard as rushing it could cause it to peel part of the box off, and then you have a damaged item that cannot be listed as “New.”

If you are having trouble with getting a sticker off, like most have with those stickers on perfume that say this item is sold at such-and-such retailer and to call them if found elsewhere, then you may need a product called Goo Gone. A small bottle will last you a long time, so no need to get a gallon of it at one time.



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