How Not To Pack An Item For Your Customers


There are a variety of ways to improperly pack an item to ship to your customer, but today I am showing you one such way that is thoroughly inefficient and bizarre. This particular method of packing was performed by one of the world’s largest retailers, and the same exact system of packing was done for three separate boxes from different warehouses! The only difference was one of these 30 x 17 x 13 inch boxes had 3 towels in it, the other two had 1 towel each. These boxes could have easily held 100 such towels per box, if packed normally.

This same company sent a half a dozen ceramic tooth brush holders to me in a poly bag with no bubble wrap or protection at all. As you might guess, every single one of those ceramic items was broken into many pieces. Then when faced with an unbreakable item like a towel, they chose to pack it with so much protection the towel is hard to even locate among all the packing paper. This is one of the common issues you will see with how many businesses pack their products when you do a lot of online arbitrage. It is worth noting these problems so you can correct them in your own business. This will save your business money long-term and keep your customers from shaking their heads im amazement at how your company is being represented through your packing system.


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