Friday, December 8, 2023
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The Most Common Business Opportunity Scam

Business Opportunities - TaughtToProfit
Today there are literally hundreds of business opportunities. Some are good, most are junk. The most common scam today is not something that is...

Why I Love The Best Offer Feature On Ebay

Ebay Best Offer - TaughtToProfit
It seems that a few times a month someone on eBay uses the Best Offer feature in a unique way on our listings. They...

Sony, Nikon, and Microsoft Products Now Require Approval On Amazon?

Sony And Nikon Restricted Gated On Amazon
The big news of the day today in the reseller community was that Amazon has now restricted sellers from selling Sony, Nikon, and Microsoft...

Make Sure To Have Suffocation Warning On All Poly Bags

Suffocation Warning Required For Amazon
According to "Several states, including California, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, and Virginia, have laws that require suffocation warning labels for plastic bags. In addition,...

Newbie Help – Reviews Can Make Or Break Your Sales

Ratings Can Make Or Break Sales
Many newbies to eBay and Amazon see a low price on an item that is selling for a high price and that is the...