The Blessing Of The Lord, It Maketh Rich!


“The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.” (Proverbs 10:22)

For many people they view all the negative things in their lives as some circumstance forced upon them by the Lord, but their successes are seen as the product of their great minds, willpower, or hard work. Why not see the world through the idea that God is working things for your good and that He is blessing you, and His blessing makes you rich with no added sorrow?

Plenty of people in the world are rich in monetary terms, but they have constant sorrow with those riches. This is so common of an issue that some people have resigned themselves to mediocrity just because they do not want additional problems that they perceive riches bringing. The reality is that the additional problems are needless, and you can have a blessed and peaceful life.

The truth is that the negative circumstances you may find yourself in are due to your own choices. They are not due to the Lord seeking to harm you. If we view all things working for our good and the Lord’s blessing being upon us, then we will find new blessing and opportunity at every turn. If we view life as a series of punishments and suffering in order to learn some supposed lessons that never come, we will have a life of continual suffering and sorrow. There is no favor, success, or riches to be found in presuming the worst about the Lord and blaming Him for life’s sorrows and troubles.


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